As many of you will already know: I don't just read scripts, I also write them.

And after many years of being hired exclusively by production companies in such a role as well as having my own spec projects optioned on both sides of the Atlantic, I have decided to open up and offer a number of specific services commercially to all. This comes after receiving countless requests over the years to write rather than review scripts.

Many creatives out there simply don't have the time, knowledge or inclination to write a screenplay. So whether you're a newbie or an old hand, an independent or linked to a studio or network, if you're looking to hire a professional screenwriter, come have a chat with one who has over twenty years' proven industry experience including time spent in script development, film production, script consulting, coaching and mentoring.

Whether you have an existing script in need of work or are starting ostensibly from scratch, I'm sure there's a service right for you. And if you don't see something that suits, I'm happy to discuss more bespoke ideas.

For those who have an existing script...

 the POLISH service  

Who is it for? This is for writers who have an existing script that has likely been through a number of rewrites already and is close to being ready for submission. Alternatively, it's for directors or producers who need a current script to be cleaned up and retouched. 


What it entails. Rather than a full-on rewrite, a polish conventionally consists of some tweaking to prepare it for the powers-that-be. These might be minor changes to the dialogue, scene action, layout and language. This service gives an already-decent script a professional shine. Think of it as putting your car through a really good car wash.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 250.00* (approx. $USD 310.00*)

What's next?  In order to fully comprehend what's required and to provide you with an accurate quote, I will need to read and assess your script. In this case, I would perform my EVALUATION. For all scripts up to 120 pages, this would cost £UKP 50.00* (approx. $USD 62.00*) which I will deduct from the polish fee if you choose to hire me. But first, come tell me about you and your script. Click on the button below. 

 the REWRITE service  

Who is it for? For writers who have an existing script that needs more work than a polish. Perhaps it's an early draft, or it needs a new approach, but you've taken it as far as you personally can. Maybe you've had feedback, found it's not hitting the heights you'd hoped for and you're struggling to find the answers and would rather someone new yet experienced identify and tackle problem areas and apply improvements. Or you're a producer who has optioned a script but wants a fresh take.


What it entails. We're talking more substantial changes. Major fixes and alterations to script, story, characters etc. After discussion with you to create a clear action plan, I will then work on the existing draft to elevate the script and provide you with a brand new draft. A fresher take. Revamped. Reworked. Reimagined.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 800.00* (approx. $USD 980.00*)

What's next?  In order to fully comprehend what's required and to provide you with an accurate quote, I will need to read and assess your script. In this case, I would perform my EVALUATION. For all scripts up to 120 pages, this costs £UKP 50.00* (approx. $USD 62.00*) which I will deduct from the rewrite fee if you choose to hire me. But first, come tell me about you and your project.

 the TIGHTENING service  

Who is it for? For the writer whose feature script is on the long side. If your draft is not in that sweet spot of 90-110 pages, and certainly if it's well over 120, then it will likely need some tightening. Writers with over-long TV scripts can also take advantage of this service. 


What it entails. I will look to reduce that page count without removing anything crucial. By tweaking various elements, from dialogue to description, from language to layout, I will turn a bloated draft into something more sleek and succinct.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 250.00* (approx. $USD 310.00*)

What's next?  To provide an accurate quote, I need to see the drawn-out draft. From this I will be able to ascertain what is required. To learn more and to kick things off, get in touch by clicking the button below.


Who is it for?  This is for writers who are happy with their script story but know or suspect the script layout is not up to standard. I know many talented screenwriters who struggle with this particular aspect.

The details.  This edit will ensure your spec script is professionally formatted and, from a layout perspective, ready to submit to agencies, production companies or script contests. 

How much?  Starting from £UKP 200.00* (approx. $USD 245.00*)

What's next?  I will need to take a look at your script to see how much work is involved. But to start with, click the button below and let's have a chat. 


Who is it for?  This service is the dyslexic's dream. It's perfect for writers who struggle with the less creative side of writing, namely spelling and grammar. If you are always misspelling words, don't know your you'res from your yours, struggle to nail when it's its or it's or your brain explodes when trying to differentiate between there, their or they're, then this edit is for you.

The details.  This edit will resolve all spelling and grammar issues found in your draft, giving you a draft devoid of language errors. I actually get a perverse kick out of hunting mistakes, so let me catch all those typos and syntax snafus with this complete proofing clean.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 200.00* (approx. $USD 245.00*)

What's next?  Get in touch via the Contact page, tell me about your script and what you need. (And don't worry, I won't pick you up on your spelling and grammar yet!)  Click the button below. 


Who is it for?  This is for those who struggle with layout and language.

The details.  This is simply a package deal, combining the above Format and Proofread Edits.

Consequently, it will clean up all language and layout issues, leaving you with an error-free draft.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 350.00* (approx. $USD 430.00*)

What's next?  Click the button below and get in touch, informing me what you need.

 the ANGLICISATION service  

Who is it for?  A specific service for writers who struggle with their English. You're likely a writer for whom English is a second language and so needs help to improve their dialogue and description to make it sound intelligible and authentic.

The details.  I will take your current draft and clean up the language. Poor phrasing that doesn't quite sound right will be rectified. You'll receive a new draft with all language issues resolved.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 300.00* (approx. $USD 370.00*)

What's next?  Get in touch, let's have a quick chat. 

For more on this service and to register your interest, click the button below.

No script?  No problem!

 the FIRST DRAFT service  

Who is it for?  This service is for those who might have an idea for a film but have never tried to write a screenplay before and wouldn't know where to start. Or it's for those who don't have the considerable time to dedicate to writing a script.

The details.  If all you've got is a synopsis, treatment or just a pile of notes, you can hire me to turn them into a first draft of a screenplay. Together we'll work out a plan of action to develop a basic script outline. Once approved, I will create that first draft for you. 

How much?  Starting from £UKP 1000.00* (approx. $USD 1230.00*)

What's next?  Let's have an informal chat. Tell me about your idea and let's go from there.

Click the button below. 

 the SCREEN ADAPTATION service  

Who is it for? For those writers who have a novel they wish to adapt into a screenplay. Perhaps you've got a book on Amazon and are keen to see it developed for the big screen. Or you're a producer who has acquired the rights to a novel and need an experienced pair of hands to transform it into a workable script.

The details. After detailing a clear action plan with you, I will take your story and convert it into a screenplay and deliver a first draft screen adaptation based on your source material.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 2500.00* (approx. $USD 3100.00*)

What's next?  In order to provide you with an accurate quote, I will need to perform the required EVALUATION as all book to screen projects are different. This costs between £250-£350* (approx. $310-430*depending on word count. If you decide to hire me to adapt, this amount will be deducted from the total cost of the service. But in the first instance, come tell me all about your book. 

Not sure what you need? I can help.


For some of the above services, before any writing can be done, there needs to be some required reading. It's vital I immerse myself in your story and get a clear understanding of concept, character, tone, style and overall quality. Introducing THE EVALUATION.

This general appraisal of your project not only allows the time for me to give your script or book a full and complete read, but will provide you with advice, observations, assessing its potential, giving you my suggested approach to the writing service you've chosen.

And if all you know is that you need a more experienced writer to help you, but you don't know what your project needs, then this evaluation can work this out for you and evaluate what is required to reach the finished article.

As well as a full read of your script or novel, THE EVALUATION will give advice, make pertinent observations and provide a general assessment of potential improvements. If you've chosen a specific writing service, then it will lay out a suggested approach; if you've asked me for help with choosing a service, I will give my recommendations.

TV pilots & features

£UKP 50.00* (approx. $USD 62.00*)

For novels

 £UKP 250.00-350.00*

(approx. $USD 310.00-430.00*)

Want to talk further?

Email correspondence is preferred but I'm happy to Skype text chat

or talk via Facebook Messenger. In any case, send me a message via my CONTACT page

and let's get the ball rolling.

Script Marketing Services

 the LOGLINE CREATION service  

Who is it for?  You've got a screenplay but haven't yet written a logline - an essential marketing tool used to help pitch and sell your idea.  Perhaps you haven't a clue how to write one, it's something you struggle with or maybe you're not happy with your current logline. 

The details.  I will read your script, then create a logline for you so you can pitch your script to potential buyers.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 70.00* (approx. $USD 90.00*)

What's next?  Let's have a chat. Get in touch by clicking on the button below.

 the SYNOPSIS CREATION service  

Who is it for?  For writers who need a synopsis for marketing purposes. Perhaps a production company has expressed an interest in your script idea and have asked for one and you either haven't written it yet or struggle with creating this tool. Or you have an existing synopsis that isn't cutting it.

The details. I will read the script, then write a short three paragraph synopsis to cover the three acts of your story. Perfect for your one-pager pitch document.

How much?  Starting from £UKP 150.00* (approx. $USD 185.00*)

What's next?  Let's have a chat. Get in touch by clicking on the button below.

* Please note: these prices do not include any potential add-on fees charged by Paypal.      

But don't worry, I will calculate these for you, if applicable.  All costs in US dollars are approximate as will depend on the fluctuations of the exchange rate at the time of booking.