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“Phil Clarke is someone I trust – a difficult allowance when it comes to fixing one’s script. He makes his points with clarity and justification. Phil’s ideas are sound, intelligent, and thorough. He takes his guidance seriously and diplomatically.

“I have enjoyed my working experiences with him and look forward to his advice always. He offers suggestions that takes a story, characters and dialogue to their fullest potential. Phil serves a writer well!”

Heidi Crane – Los Angeles, USA

Screenwriter & Producer

"Thirteen Conversations About One Thing" (starring  Matthew McConaughey)

"The Jimmy Show" (starring Ethan Hawke) 

"In Dark Places" (starring Joan Severance)


“I have pleasure in recommending Phil’s services. His script report on my pilot was

on point, precise, and considered, laying everything out in a clear way to cover character, structure, plot, tone, voice, style - all the things that development folk

and producers consider when reading a script. If you get the thumbs up from

Phil, you’re in good shape!”


Paul MousleyManchester, UK


"Primeval" "Bad Girls" "Waterloo Road"

"Wolfblood" "The Bill" "Hollyoaks"


“Phil's Mid Shot report on my feature-length horror script modulates with grace and ease through every element of storytelling - from punctuation and format to the deepest reaches of theme and character. His individual insights are excellent, but what stands out is the clarity with which those individual insights cohere to deliver an exciting and executable plan to maximise the story's impact on an audience. 

He's nailed it.”


Laurence DaveyManchester, UK

"Waking the Dead" (BBC) "DCI Banks" (ITV) "Critical" (Sky)



“There are two sorts of script consultants: those who sit across the table from you, and those who sit next to you. Phil sits next to you. He's on your team, trying to get the best out of you and the best out of your script.

“He's forensic and exacting, as well as encouraging; a great combination.
If you want to be re-inspired by your script and given the tools to launch into a rewrite, then run it past Phil. I have, and I will again. And again. Thanks, Phil!”

Jonathan HallLondon, UK

"The Paul Bearers"
Semi-Finalist, Austi
n Film Festival 2019
Special Jury Prize, Canada Independent Film Festival 2019
Best Unproduced Script, Madrid I
nternational Film Festival 2018

Best Feature, Madrid International Film Festival 2018
Best Feature, Marbella International Film Festival 2018
Best Feature, London Fusion Film Festival 2019

(co-written with Hannah Robinson)
Grand Prize Winner, American Screenwriters' Association Script Competition 2010


“I used Phil's MIDSHOT service for "Race Me, Darling", a script I thought was good enough to go out there. However, I also knew it could still go up a level. Phil warned me he had a three-month wait-list but it was worth the wait. What I loved about the feedback is that it allows me to work on a ton of smaller edits while thinking about some of the deeper changes that can be made. With Phil's notes as a guide the ideas are flowing. The MIDSHOT service was perfect for a script that is close, the extra layers of detail are gold. Now the internal arguments begin.”

David MargolisVancouver, Canada

Signed with Zero Gravity Management in 2013

“More Than This” Finalist, Comox Valley International Film Festival 2023 

“Race Me, Darling” Quarter-Finalist, Screencraft True Story & Public Domain Competition 2022

“On the Road to Nowhere” Finalist, Austin Film Festival 2017; 2nd Rd, Sundance Writers Lab 2017


Phil knows his way round a screenplay like any insightful script analyst should,

never insisting but rather suggesting what needs to be on the page, and always

with a rationale. As well as being able to balance the big themes with the small

details, Phil’s talent lies in encouraging (almost mentoring) the writer. His analysis

is always well reasoned, and his pointers will be invaluable to writers looking to

make their next draft more compelling. 

Michael Normand London, UK


“The Curious World of Race Walking" (2013)

"Dirty Laundry" (1996) 

"Leon the Pig Farmer" (1992)


It is immediately clear when reading Phil's reports that he has committed real time and energy to getting inside your story, and you are working with an ally. This commitment means Phil is able to give excellent advice from a 'bird's eye view' of your story structure and also great insight down in the weeds of the individual scenes. 


Phil has helped me solve a conundrum around which format best fits my story, and also given actionable advice on how I can fill out various characters and give my plot more depth and energy. Phil has also picked up on some slightly negative habits I have around dialogue, formatting and action blocks which will help me improve in these areas. Pleasingly, unlike many consultants, he tells you what does work too, so you know what to work towards as well as work away from. Finally, I love a good scorecard as it tells you where you're at, and you definitely get one of those!


Phil Hamer Pontypridd, Wales


"Entangled" Semi-Finalist, Academy Nicholl 2023

"The Davieses" BBC Writersroom 'Voices' programme 2023

"Side Step" Best unproduced screenplay - Intl Film Festival of Wales 2022



“Phil’s guidance and support have been a significant factor in helping me. His comments and suggestions have proven extremely beneficial to the development of my script. He provides insight and advice that would definitely help any writer improve both their writing and what they’re writing.”

Paul ZeidmanSan Francisco, USA

"The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele"

Gold Remi Winner - WorldFest-Houston 2017

Top 20% - 2014 Nicholl Fellowship & Finalist

Finalist - Screencraft Action/Thriller competition 2015 and 2017



“Phil's feedback has been truly fantastic. With a keen eye on all areas, his notes have pushed me further, helped me break some bad habits, learn some new tricks, scrutinise with greater clarity and - frankly - discover both the weaknesses and strengths in my writing.

“His engaging and thorough notes have been imperative in developing myself further as not only a screenwriter but as a storyteller. Top stuff.”

Mark J. BlackmanLondon, UK

Writer/Director -

"Facial" Cannes Court Métrage 2012

"Panic Room" Promax Best Film Promo 2008

"The Charm" "Delayed"


Really grateful to Phil for his incredibly thorough and detailed script report. I never expected the depth he went into: most readers will tell you about the content of your script such as dialogue, characters etc, but as well as providing huge insight into those areas, Phil also explained what it's like to actually read the script.

He explained to me the importance of clarity, simplicity, and how to best write scene descriptions. It was like a script writing guide as well as a specific analysis of my work. He re-focused my mind, and his report helped me to produce a children's TV drama pilot script that I'm now really proud of. Very highly recommended!

Guy LambertLondon/Manchester, UK

Drama & children's TV producer for CBBC, Nick Jr, Tiny Pop etc. 
BBC/EBU children's short drama - "Guin and the Dragon


Phil's input on my screenplay has been invaluable. His constructive notes are insightful and thorough, with a clear understanding of this writer's intention.

I had not expected such honest feedback to be as exciting and encouraging.


Chris Ryle WrightHampshire, UK

"K-Shop", "Faintheart", Big Brother Season 15

“Little Pig”




“Thanks to Phil for his Snap Read review. It's so detailed and full of insightful, fair and reasoned comments. His critique really is first class. His take has really opened my eyes to aspects of the script that need further development and consideration. From overall theme and meaning to subtle character nuances. So glad I reached out to him. Great notes across the board. It really is great to have a neutral and objective expert perspective. A brilliant service.”


Adam Jenkins – UK

AD | Writer | Director

“Horrible Histories” “The IT Crowd” “The Inbetweeners”

"Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith" "The Wolfman"

"Game Over" “Mousetrap”


“I contacted Phil after embarking on my film project, Interference, as I was desperate to bring on board someone with both solid experience in the industry and proven skills as a screenwriter to help whip my screenplay into shape.

“Not only did he consult on the script but he also joined the production as credited co-writer – something he rarely agrees to – in order to ensure the project was as solid as possible going into the shoot. The finished film was a genuine hit, garnering rave reviews following its début at Cannes, and Phil was no small part of that success.

“Even though my focus has since moved away from the movies, I always feel I can contact Phil to discuss future projects. He’s a great sounding board for writers and film-makers alike and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone with a script to contact Phil for feedback.”

Kitty BrucknellLondon, UK

Singer/songwriter & Film-maker

The X Factor  Season 8 Semi-Finalist



Our project had a very complicated and difficult script that was challenging on multiple fronts and Phil was up to the task! He spent a great deal of time and effort on his analysis and even did extra research on the topic (the script was based on a true story).


To say he went above and beyond doesn't begin to describe the care and thoroughness of his work. His comments were insightful, thought provoking and extremely useful. I would recommend Phil's services without hesitation.


Amy Carpenter ScottBoston, Mass. USA

Owner/Producer, Creatrix Films

Eros, Magic and Murder



I wouldn't even consider sending a script anywhere without receiving Phil's opinion.
I used two of his services: the Snap Read – which for me is ideal for an early draft; Phil spots the flaws in a script straight-away and gives amazing guidance on how to write a better version – and I used the Analysis service for a different purpose: to make sure the script is ready to be sent anywhere. Of course it's not the same price but it's well worth it! Anyway, both services are worth every penny.


Sophie GardinerParis, France

Blogger at– script judge, ECU Film Festival
screenwriting tutor, L'Ecole de Cinéma et d'Audiovisuel de Tours (EscaT)



Over the years, I’ve sought script analysis and coverage from many different sources.

The results typically ranged from too little, to too much, to “did you even read it?”, to WTF?? Fate dropped me at Philmscribe’s door and, with a fresh script on the hard drive, I decided to give Phil a shot.  Best decision I made all year!


The best a screenwriter can hope for when seeking another set of eyes and expert analysis is: fairness, honesty and actionable insights based on industry knowledge and expertise. Phil provides all that. I encourage anyone in need of script consultancy to avail themselves of Philmscribe’s services. You’ll be glad you did.


Michael W. HoganOrange County, California, USA


“Benny B” – Official Selection, 2020 Beverly Hills Film Festival & 2019 StoryPros Int'l

Finalist, 2019 NYC International Screenplay Awards

“The Near Death Experience of Dr. John Dantry” – Semi-Final, 2020 Page Turner

“Contributing to the Delinquency of a Vampire” – Finalist, 2020 Page Turner

Winner, 2020 First 10 Pages Contest

“The Funny Thing About Road Kill” – Best Comedy Screenplay, Cinema City Int'l Film Festival 2009


“I booked Phil's Snap Read for my horror movie script after an early draft got into Page Screenplay Contest's top 10%. I was after specific feedback before a rewrite and Phil's notes were clear, thorough and substantial. Overall, he did more than I could have reasonably expected; certainly more than the service required him to. He really got into it, offering much positive encouragement and seemed genuinely keen to see the project soar. He also offered invaluable formatting advice and one great suggestion that pointed to an ideal solution - and those were just in the extra notes he wasn't even obliged to send!”

JD SavageUK


Various Children's TV (including co-writing ITV BAFTA winner "Ripley & Scuff")

“Cloudhouse” Quarter-Finals, 2020 PAGE International 

"Watch Over" optioned by Lost Eye Films for TV anthology series "Uncanny Valley"

Traditionally-published writer of short fiction, comics, non-fiction



“Phil was great with my project. I had a screenplay sat gathering dust for years and I finally got the urge to tackle it again. Not being able to see the wood for the trees I decided to get some feedback; I opted for the “Snap Read” service as I felt this would be detailed enough to get my cogs turning again but also not too in-depth to overload me.

“Phil went above and beyond. Not only coming back to me with notes earlier than he had estimated, but also with more notes than I had requested. The feedback was constructive and fair, the layout easy to digest, and his Scorecard more detailed than others I have used. I would recommend Phil again in a heartbeat and will myself be heading back to him with the new draft for a more thorough assessment in the not-too-distant future.”


Jonny WrightLondon, UK



“Ethel” – Best International Short, 2019 Rome Independent Film Festival
(starring Miriam Margolyes and Professor Green)


“I’ve worked with a fair number of script analysts and I’ve never encountered one as thorough and detailed as Phil. He set me straight on some of my bad habits as far as formatting, and really helped me clarify where my script was unfocused. I would recommend Phil as an analyst who goes deep and finds a way to be both truthful and encouraging at the same time.”

Andrew Stone – Brooklyn, NYC, USA


“The Plan” - Best LGBT Film, New Media Film Festival 2013

Co-Owner, Merci Entertainment


“I couldn't be happier to have hired Phil's services. His invaluable feedback was personalized, extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. Every point he brought to my attention made me think twice and sometimes reconsider certain aspects of my script that I would have never questioned otherwise.


The end result was an impeccable script with great flow and no redundancy, praised by relevant industry professionals and about to enter pre-production with the participation of an Academy Award® Nominated Actress. I will certainly keep coming back to Philmscribe with my screenplays. It's worth every penny!”

Romina Schwedler – NYC, USA

Screenwriter - director - producer

"The Visit" (starring Academy Award® Nominee June Squibb)

Audience Choice Award - Florence Short Film Festival 2017

US Short Film Award of Excellence - Catalina Film Festival 2017

Best Short Film By A Woman - Burbank International Film Festival 2016


“Phil Clarke: Do. Not. Write. Without. Him. I have benefited from Philmscribe's services several times now and I honestly do not know how I've ever written without him. He has a way of stepping back from the script while stepping into your vision and coming back with a clear, concise plan of what needs to happen. His approach is a blend of both right brain and left brain that will just make sense to you. It's such a relief to know that at the end of your script, there's Phil who's going to help. Because in short - he helps. A lot. 

“For example, one of my screenplays has recently landed an 8 rating on Blacklist, the Monday email that goes out to industry members and this quarter’s Top List. This could not have happened without Phil’s guidance. New writers, seasoned writers - we all can use Phil to push our script to that next level.


UPDATE: “Phil has been a huge part in me rewriting a feature that I've just morphed into a series for television, landing the pilot THE BIKINI GUEST an 8 score on Blacklist and trending at the number 2 spot. So let me be the first to say - if you want that coveted Blacklist 8,  let Phil work his magic on your script!”

Jennifer Moricz GoodwinKentucky, USA
"The Bikini Guest" 8 score; Trending at #2, Blacklist

"Flamingo Sands" #66 Top List, Blacklist

"The Kate Letters" #74 Top List, Blacklist

"Pieces of Summer" #195 Top List, Blacklist

"Sex With Rick" "Suntan Motel" "Mickey Sky"



“As an aspiring screenwriter the thought of getting feedback is scary as hell.
However, I urge you to take action and get help from Phil right now, because there's just something about him and his work that makes it foolish to look elsewhere. 


 Having used his Snap Read service for my first two feature scripts, I quickly learned that Phil gives you feedback in a way you can actually handle. His feedback is thorough, specific and uplifting. Don’t be fooled, though; it’s straight-up honest, but it’s clear that he genuinely cares about you and your art.


“When analyzing your script, it’s just him and your script. No distractions, and he reads very single page. He picks your brain and pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses and gives you ideas and suggestions – way more than you bargained for. The relationship between you - the writer - and Phil - the consultant - feels more like a cooperation.


“Phil is not here to slaughter you; he’s here to make you better. It may hurt a little to look our flaws in the eye, but he gives you the tools you need to fix them. I would never look anywhere else for feedback. Why should you?”

Cathinka Brustad Oslo, Norway

"The Rising Sun Blues" – "Melange Blue"

"Run Don't Run" – Semi-Finalist, Stage 32 Short Film Script Contest 2016



“I started with the Snap Read and I was so happy with the result that I decided to take it to the next level so I asked for the Analysis service.


“Phil is really a master of screenplays. His analysis is so accurate; scene by scene, character by character, he doesn't miss a thing. He gave me lots of useful suggestions and, as a first-time writer, I found all the information about formatting really useful too. His services are really top-notch. Now I'm writing my second screenplay and I will definitely use his Analysis again.”

Simona Calo - Milan, Italy
"Hasty Decisions" – Best Int'l Drama Short, Alternative Film Festival, Fall 2019

"The Dark Side of the Law" – Semi-Finalist, Cannes Golden Plume 2018

"And Then The End Shall Be" – Silver Award, FAME'US International Festival 2016

"Anywhere But Here" – Best Int'l Short Film, WOEFF 2017


“I was stuck on my ending. I didn’t want to give away too much knowing my short was supposed to be a teaser before the feature.  Phil reminded me that whilst that is true, the short film still needs to be able to fully stand on its own.  So I stopped thinking about “teaser” and focused on my “beginning, middle and end”.  This proved to be invaluable and has already helped with my next screenplay.”


Pamela PerrineAtlanta, USA


The Hawk Swoops Productions
"Angels In Rocket Field"
– Official Selection, Rome International Film Festival 2019
"The Journeyman" 
– Official Selection, Rome International Film Festival 2019 


I am an actor of over twenty five years and recently embarked on writing my first screenplay.  Phil’s script report (I had the Snap Read) was invaluable and his
feedback spot on, delivered in a clear and encouraging manner. 
His suggestions regarding character development and theme in particular have opened up a far richer depth to my story, and his challenge to go even darker has triggered me to stretch my imagination even further beyond the comfortable. I highly recommend contacting him for advice which is always considered, honest and hugely relevant.


Karren WinchesterKent, UK


"Dead Sheep"

TV work incl. "Coronation Street", "Eastenders", "The Bill", "Doctor Who"


I’ve worked with Phil several times now and his notes are incredibly thoughtful, detailed and thorough. He puts truly extraordinary care into his feedback,

it’s miles beyond what I’ve gotten from other readers. He has an exceptional

eye for overarching character, plot and theme issues, while never neglecting

the smaller errors that make a script look unprofessional. I wouldn’t dare send a script into the world without a read from Phil!

Meredith Gerson LevineMassachusetts, USA

“The Mentor” (co-written with Andrew Stone)

Finalist, Roadmap Writers - JumpStart Writing Competition 2018

Quarterfinalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2020
Finalist, Write LA 2018 - Semifinalist, PAGE International 2020

“Charlotte and Branwell” (co-written with Andrew Stone)

Finalist, 2020 Launch Pad


“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Phil, his attention to detail and thorough feedback has really helped me take my script to the next level. As a new writer, I felt really comfortable expressing my ideas and I hope to work again with him in the future.”


Hannah Simpson London, UK

BBC Journalist, Story Researcher & Writer

“Eastenders” ~ “Run”


“I whole-heartedly recommend Phil and his services to anyone who needs a fresh pair of eyes on their work. I was stuck in a position where I was personally happy with my feature script but was not getting the traction I hoped for with my submissions.


“Phil’s thoughtful, meticulous analysis of the story, characters, tone, and theme highlighted fresh perspectives I hadn’t considered before, and immediately sparked new ideas that I’m excited to work into the script moving forward.


“As well as highlighting the weaknesses, he actively praises and encourages the positives, too, and his authentic support for the project more broadly has been a huge confidence boost for me professionally.”


Dave StevensonCrickhowell, Wales

Writer and Director

“Holding Out For A Human”


Philmscribe is an indispensable resource for both beginning and working writers; industry-level notes and editing at prices anyone could afford. I wouldn't dare show a screenplay to anyone before having him look at it first. Phil's honest feedback is invaluable to me. It's hard to believe how much value I receive for such a small amount of money.


Jon RedickSan Diego, USA

"Mind Over Matter""Automated""Spycare"


I contacted Phil with an early draft of “Facing Evil” for a Snap Read before I went down the wrong rabbit-hole. It was one of the best decisions of my life. He confirmed my niggling worries about the weaknesses both in plot and characterisation and opened up new avenues. Best of all, he managed to do that without deflating my enthusiasm for the story. I can’t wait to send him the next draft. Phil isn’t just well-versed in the craft, his passion comes through in every part of his in-depth report. This isn’t a service, it’s a lifeline.


Carmen RadtkeYork, UK

Screenwriter, “Facing Evil” & “Game On for Irene Adler”  

Novelist, “The Case of The Missing Bride” and as Caron Albright, “A Matter of Love and Death


I used Phil's Mid Shot service as a newcomer; I felt I needed more guidance and a more in-depth look at my writing. Phil's feedback is clear and concise. He is supportive and gives good guidance both with his Scorecard system and detailed notes that helped form my editing. An invaluable resource of industry knowledge, I will be using Phil's services again for future work. He is a friendly ear who is always willing to listen and help through his social media which is an immeasurable help when navigating the industry.


Sam RobsonAmsterdam, Netherlands

“Becoming Sarah Bennet”


“I had high expectations when I solicited Phil’s help (as he exuded professionalism) and I wasn’t disappointed. In reviewing my script, he went above and beyond – his report was significantly longer than what I’d paid for. In addition, he was extremely comprehensive, constructive and forthcoming. Best of all, his suggestions reflected a good understanding of what I was trying to achieve.”

Elie de RosenOxford, UK



“You cannot go wrong using Phil’s services. I have used his ‘A Game’ service on more than one occasion and found his input to be concise, informative, detailed and helpful. He provides knowledgeable suggestions for improvement and inside information about what industry pros look for in a script. So it’s worth repeating… You cannot go wrong using Phil’s services.”

Mike Scherer  North Carolina, USA

"Forgiving Evil" 

Top 15%, 2015 Nicholl Fellowship; QF, 2015 Bluecat

SF, 2015 Nashville Film Festival; Finalist, 2015 Storypros

Winner, 2013 Script Exposure Screenwriting Competition

Finalist, 2013 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest


Phil's 'quick reads' service is invaluable when assessing whether my latest specs are ready for agents and producers. He even created a bespoke programme for my specific needs. And what's more, he's a super nice guy! I'll be returning again for his kind and productive manner, as well as his razor-sharp script game.


Brad BrookesStroud, UK


"Stacks" (TV Pilot) - Finalist, Page Turner Awards 2021

Official Selection, Chicago Script Awards 2021 - QF, SWN 2020

“The Galleria” - Finalist, CKF 2021 - SF, TMFF 2021 - QF, SWN 2020

"Little Casanova" - Winner, Cannes Bronze Lion 2018




"Phil's feedback has been invaluable in the development of my project and as a writer. From page-specific comments to general thoughts regarding theme and characterization, this is exactly what I needed to take my next draft to the next level.


Tim BrennanColorado, USA

"Khalid and the Great Beyond" - QF, Final Draft Big Break Competition 2022

"Rough Surface" - Top 3 Finalist, Final Draft Big Break Competition 2018


In his Snap Read service Phil identified the aspects of my screenplay that I needed
to address in order to elevate it to the next level. Thanks, Phil!


Wes FisherBerkeley, California, USA

"The Reprisal" – QF, 2018 Nicholl Fellowship

"The Last Year" – QF, 2017 Bluecat

"The Bridge" – QF, 2016 Austin Film Festival


“I’d highly recommend Phil’s script services. Not only did he provide detailed, constructive analysis, but his breakdown of what to improve has made redrafting much easier. I sent material hoping to receive comments in time to make edits before a competition. Phil went the extra mile to ensure I had my feedback early to give me more time to prepare. Very easy to book, very happy with the result, would definitely consult Phil on future projects.”


Callum McKayIver/Pinewood, UK

"Dark Forces" – Gold Prize Winner, 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest

"Miss Verity" – Official Finalist, 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest

"The Doghouse Club"



“As a rookie, I found Phil’s analysis to be enlightening, encouraging, and respectful. He explained crucial elements of screenwriting that I had completely overlooked. Phil provides the tools to be a better storyteller and, ultimately, isn’t that what we all want? I'm excited to continue working with him as I hone my craft.”

Sarah Mae McKenzieBC, Canada

“The Gold River Monster”“The White Darkness”


“Phil’s notes and fair analysis of my script have helped me focus on the strengths of my writing and where improvements can be made, especially in regards to where to pare back and where to delve deeper. His notes are actionable, extensive and fairly priced. Highly recommend.”


Ben MitchellLondon, UK



“I connected with Phil on Linkedin at a crucial stage of my feature length screenplay, based on the life of Christopher Marlowe. After two years of research and rewriting this has led to industry interest and a letter of intent to purchase. However, something did not sit right, so I reached out to Phil for an analysis. Quite simply, Phil's advice has changed my writing, increased my motivation and in effect, breathed life into the project. The guidance was constructive, inspiring and invigorating.


“This has already had an impact - I have been hired by a New York production company to write short films, based on material I presented after Phil's feedback. I am not sure this would have happened otherwise although I knew I had passion and talent as a writer. Phil identified the positives and gave me belief.


“Phil has made me a better writer and I cannot wait to show him the new draft. I cannot recommend this service highly enough as you will become a better writer.”


TJ KeenanLeigh-on-Sea, UK

“Infinite Riches”


Phil is great at what he does. Needed a fresh pair of eyes to look over my pilot script and I'm glad I chose him. His advice is worth every penny and now I can use his notes to help with the next stage of my script.


Chris RushworthPreston, UK

"Past Life" – Semi-Finalist, 2016 Shore Scripts TV Pilot Contest


I recently used Philmscribe to help me with his One Shot service. This is a short one-page summary of what is required in my script along with recommendations. I was very surprised when I received a very professional outline, with exact guidelines on how to improve the screenplay and story. I would highly recommend Phil to any writer or production company needing an unbiased professional eye to analyze their script.


B. Clarke  Tirana, Albania

“The Great Chronicles of London”


“Phil delivers clear, actionable feedback and carefully diagnoses the issues your script suffers from whilst providing possible solutions towards making it better. He doesn’t sugarcoat, he’s honest but he provides a massive sprinkling of encouragement!

He genuinely cares about you and your writing.”


Sharon SamsonAyr, UK

“All Roads Lead To Rome” - 2nd Round (Comedy Feature), Austin 2021

"Godfathers" - QF, Stage32 7th Comedy Feature Contest 2021


An awesome in-depth service with plenty of bang for your buck! What ever level you are at, and what ever stage your screenplay is at, there is definitely a package for you here. With this being my second feature film script, I opted for the Analysis Service and I must say, I was exceptionally pleased with the extremely detailed feedback I received. This has helped me no end with subsequent drafts, and Phil is always on hand if I have a question. Once again, thanks, Phil, for this fantastic service.


Tim ThorneExeter, UK

Writer/Director – Sunsetrider Productions

"Killing Lionel" –  "Stanley Dayze" – "Card Dead"


“Phil’s notes were both thorough and comprehensive and went the extra mile in delivering more pages than advertised. He pointed out what worked in my screenplay and what didn’t, including comments on formatting, and issues of logic and continuity. The end result was valuable feedback on how my story and characters came across and what needed fixing.  I shall definitely include Phil's feedback as part of my evaluation process in future work.”

Fiona RossDevon, UK

"WereTeen" – Platinum Award, Miami Beach Film Festival 2018



Phil’s ‘Snap Read’ service is second to none if you are looking for clear feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your script, and what to focus on for improvements. His advice is critical and straight to the point, offering a clear way forwards whilst also being highly motivational. I am now more excited about my script than ever!


Matthew Robert HallSheffield, UK

"Indigo Moon"


“Phil provides feedback not only on the story elements, but also on any formatting issues your script might have. Not only did he show me what was wrong, but why it was wrong, and the proper way to do it. His story advice continues to help me not only with the script he evaluated but with many others I've written since.

“Phil has a great way to tell you what worked for him and what didn't. As a writer, this is the best type of feedback you can receive. It helps you open your eyes to new possibilities you might not have thought of otherwise. Phil is one of my go-to guys when I need great, honest, and helpful feedback.”

Jon KohanJohnstown, Pa. USA


"Dreamer" – "Vinyl to Video"


Took a punt on Phil because he came across nicely on his website, read some good testimonials, then ordered his A&A service. I’m glad I did. For those not au fait with scriptwriting, it is an absolute godsend. Even for those who believe they’re clued-up on the craft, I’m guessing it will be beneficial. The A&A service was well-explained, highly detailed, informative and on point, covering everything from formatting to language, from structure to characterisation. A steep learning curve for some but, if you want to compete, an absolutely essential one. I would definitely recommend it.


Paul Southern Manchester, UK 

Novelist / Scriptwriter

 "The Craze" (2004 novel; optioned) – "Pariah" (2008 script; commissioned by ITV)

Other novels: "Brown Boys in Chocolate" (2006); "Killing Sound" (2014)

"Daddy Dearest" (2016); "Pendle Fire" (2018)

"Finn and the Fae" (screenplay) SF (Top 50), Cinequest 2022; QF, LA International Fall 2020


I’ve been waiting to send Phil some work for a while now, but only recently plucked up the courage and I’m glad I did. I ordered the Snap Read service for an older TV pilot I’d written a while back as I wasn’t entirely sure where to go with it.


Phil’s positive comments came at exactly the right time and he went above and beyond what I’d expected in the feedback, providing guidance and careful critique, highlighting areas I suspected but didn’t want to admit were weak, and pointing out things I’d missed completely (guidance I can also apply to other scripts). First time I’ve ever used the services of a professional script consultant and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.

Layla CumminsBristol, UK


Finalist, Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award 2014

Honourable Mention, Emerging Screenwriters 2015



I’ve used Phil’s Snap Read service a couple of times on early drafts of spec scripts, where I needed an objective overview on what was working and what wasn’t in preparation for tackling the next draft. Phil went above-and-beyond on his feedback, providing encouragement and highlighting key areas for further development. He delivers when he says he will, and I can vouch that he reads your work thoroughly – he always manages to find a typo!”


Sue Morris – Lincoln, UK

“Second Glance” – Silver Prize, 2011 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

The Drift (2014) (screenplay by) – DARKWAVE: Edge of the Storm (co-writer)

“Isolda”“Queen of England”


“All new screenwriters should definitely consider sending their script to Phil. You can learn so much from books but they won’t pick you up on your specific flaws, and you’ll learn more from one report to advance your writing than you would reading another ten books on the craft.

“More advanced writers should still consider it too - his story critique is excellent and the report will make the next draft far easier to write. You also get a lot more pages of report than from other similar services - so use Phil!”


Phil BakerPlymouth, UK

screenwriter - director - producer

“Coconut”“Meeting Beatie” (optioned)

“A Story for Happy” - Winner of Best International Short at Roma DOC festival 2017
also nominated for Best Screenplay at Feel the Reel competition 2017


“I don't know how the universe made it possible but Phil literally tweeted into my life at a crucial time as I had spent nearly a year of my time and thousands of dollars on an unreliable script consultant. So it is with a sincere heart that I say he is a breath of fresh air.


“His work is thorough, precise and efficient. His communication is amazing. He perfectly conveys all of his messages and you learn so much. You definitely receive way more than you bargained for. 

“I've observed there seems to be a less is more mentality where consultants are often reluctant to relinquish information, giving writers just enough to keep them coming back for more. With Phil, he gives you everything. And I mean everything.


At the end, not only are you left fulfilled but you are left with even more questions and an opportunity to grow. I know that working with Phil will get me to where I need to be as I pursue a career in writing.”

Dominique LaFleurBoston, Mass. USA

"Hydrangea""Goddess Alchemy"


“I would recommend Phil’s services without hesitation. The notes he provides are excellent value for money, and immediately spark new ideas and solutions. Not only does he identify areas to improve, but he also offers industry-specific actionable suggestions to help rectify these issues, with close reference to the screenplay. I find the rewriting process daunting, but Phil made me excited to return to my feature script, with all the tools to make it better. Will definitely be using his services again!”


Cameron ButlerLondon, UK



“I really recommend Phil for his exceptional skills as a script consultant. I recently had the pleasure of working with Phil, and I cannot speak highly enough of his expertise and dedication to the craft of screenwriting.

“Phil provided detailed feedback on my script that was invaluable in guiding my writing process. His insights into character development and storytelling were particularly helpful, as were his suggestions for improving the practical aspects of my project. Phil's attention to detail and constructive criticism helped me to recognize areas where I could improve and challenged me to push myself to become a better writer. I've learned a tremendous amount from his feedback.

“I was impressed by Phil's commitment to his work, as well as his willingness to go above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. His guidance has had a profound impact on my writing, and I feel more confident in my abilities as a result. I wholeheartedly recommend Phil for anyone seeking a script consultant.” 


Jon SaltLondon, UK

"Ring City"




The level of detail Phil goes into in his breakdowns was above and beyond what I was expecting. The notes have challenged me to think more critically and see the wood for the trees in order to write the best adaptation I can.

He also genuinely cares about the progress of his writers, frequently checking in to see how I'm doing and offering advice which is immensely useful and motivational. Phil almost holds you to account to deliver the best script possible and to keep your focus in the right place.

I can safely say I'm a better writer because of his feedback, and the project will be all the better thanks to his input.

David F. JacobsonLondon, UK

"The Aeneid: Part I"


“Phil's notes were incredibly useful and encouraging too. I really appreciated how he went the extra mile for me. He gave me confidence and helped to clarify the direction I needed to move towards, along with some very useful suggestions and immediately actionable improvements I could make. I will seriously consider coming back for more in future.”


Luke DanielsCornwall, UK

"The Anchor" – writer/director (20 official selections, 8 countries, 5 awards)

"Porthcothan Bay"


I recently used Phil’s script reading services to get a handle on my 30 minute drama pilot. His comments were both insightful and direct, something which I very much appreciated. He led me to see what was working in the script, but more importantly, redirected my focus onto its structure; something that needed a lot more work. Thanks to Phil I’ve been able to retool the piece with a protagonist with clearer goals and motives. I hope that after a few more drafts, it will be in a much better place.


Tom AllawayLondon, UK

“Endurance” QF, Final Draft Big Break, Hour Pilots category 2015

“Come Out If You Must”


“Phil gave me thorough, actionable feedback that I was able to use to make my script stronger. And he gave me much needed encouragement as well by pointing out everything that was good about the work as well as the weaknesses.”

Amanda Pepper – San Francisco, USA

"20 August" - Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival 2014

Semi-Finalist, Silent River Film Festival's River Scroll Award 2013

QF, Fresh Voices (and nominated for Best Role Written for a Leading Man)

QF, Creative World Awards


There is script feedback and then there is Phil’s script feedback; once you’ve received the latter there’s no going back. I’ve used his Snap Read service twice and his reports are incredibly penetrating.   He makes you want to get stuck into that next draft. Not only has Phil’s analysis hugely improved my screenplay, he’s improved me as a writer. It’s hard to put a price on that.”


Mike HallettBuckinghamshire, UK




As a copywriter hoping to make the move to scriptwriting, Phil's comments on my script were invaluable. I've had some success with the BBC Writersroom, making it to the interview stage in 2020, so I was looking to get a professional opinion on my most recent project to put my best foot forward with agents, etc. The Snap Read service did not disappoint, providing the most useful feedback I've received so far. Every writer from me to people with years of experience in the industry would benefit from a service like this.


T.W. HallManchester, UK

“Death vs Life”



I feel Phil’s comments are very sharp and right-on. He clearly sees the issues I need to address and suggests ways to address them. Now it’s up to me.

Rosemary ZibartSanta Fe, New Mexico, USA

“True Brit” 2nd Place, 2019 StoryPros International Screenwriting Competition, Family Division

Finalist, 2019 StoryCraft Screenwriting Competition.

“Forced Journey” Semi-Finalist, 2020 Los Angeles Screenwriters Competition

“Beatrice on Her Own” (novel) Bronze Award, 2020 IPPY (Independent Publishers)



“There's not much I can add that hasn't really already been said about Phil's script analysis service. He broke down the key elements I rightly needed to focus on, which would have been very difficult for me to stand far enough back and see for myself without his prompts.


“A great insight to the industry's expectations from the script's perspective. Strengths and weaknesses all covered, and now all being addressed. I'd definitely recommend him. Thank you, Phil. I'm looking forward to throwing the next draft at you!”


Adrienne Aiken – London, UK

Screenwriter & Music Producer

Several UK Chart Top 20 Hits (late '90s early 2000s)

Composer/Producer of music for 100s of leading brand TV commercials

New TV Crime Drama Series in development





Phil's in-depth notes helped me in leaps and bounds to see what worked and what needed to be over-hauled. He went above and beyond with his Snap Read to take my comedy feature from a middle point to somewhere more stellar. He saw sections where inference was needed that I wouldn't have noticed and where I could establish my story world from an earlier point to foreshadow what follows and help people connect. He noticed the smallest of discrepancies that make the difference between an easy read and the slush pile.


Eileen WilsonAberdeen, UK

"Gnome Alone" – Coronet Selection, Queen Palm Int'l Film Festival, September 2019
"Three Wishes" – Official Selection, Oaxaca Film Festival, September 2019

“Once Bitten” – Coronet Award, Queen Palm Int'l Film Festival, 2018
and Top 15% for BBC Writersroom Scriptlab 4

"The Cliché" (optioned) - SemiFinalist, Berlin Flash Film Festival, 2018

"Nicked" Best Short, BloodstainedIndie Film Festival, 2018

“Deviance” shortlisted for 'Twisted 50 volume 2' short story collection


“I’ve just received my first script analysis from Phil and, frankly, it’s brilliant. I’m not sure what I was expecting but the report I received - packed with sound advice, constructive criticism, in-depth analysis of character, story, scene structure and formatting to name but a few areas - far exceeded my expectations. It is exactly what I needed to bring me back to the script re-energised, motivated and determined to bring it up to the required standard.


“Thank you, Phil, for giving me the means to move forward. Anyone stuck on their script, unable to even see the next step, let alone take it, should get in touch now. You won’t regret it.”


James BarclayTeddington, UK

Author of "The Raven" series, "The Ascendants Of Estorea" duology & the "Elves" trilogy

Co-writer of "Unsung Hero"




As an upcoming screenwriter I can't express enough the importance of professional feedback. Your analysis of my screenplay and your insights on how to improve my writing have been invaluable. I highly recommend your services to anyone.


I have since rewritten my story using your insightful analysis and can confidently say it has made for a 100% improvement. As aspiring writers it is nearly impossible to go at the task alone. We all need professionals like Phil Clarke as part of our support team. Thanks for being part of mine.”


Thomas Mazzola – North Carolina, USA

MFA in Creative Writing - Full Sail University; received Course Director's Award

"The Spirit Wind" top 10 finalist, 2014 Page International




“As a creator, you can never truly judge your own work. When Phil presented me
with his feedback it was like rack-focusing my brain - it made me want to pull
up my chair and crack on with the next draft. What more encouragement and constructive insight could you possibly ask for?”

Keith WrightBerkshire, UK


“Harold’s Going Stiff” - “Devil’s Work”


If you believe that you were thorough in creating and revising your script, let Phil set you straight. Phil is the go-to for precise, constructive feedback, whether you are an amateur screenwriter or one with decades of experience. His ability to see the whole picture and opportunities to enhance it is second to none. It feels as if he is truly invested in the story with you.

Matt LarkinChicago, USA

"Chosen Family"


“The A&A package is the greatest aid a screenwriter could ask for. 

A guiding hand that will improve both writer and writing alike.”


David Louden – Belfast, UK

"Henry Roscoe" TV series - received NI Screen Independent Writer Award 



“Phil's feedback was in itself full of literary prose and creativity with sentences such as "I was there, feeling every chill, smelling every malodorous stench". The feedback was encouraging and balanced nicely with that much-needed honest advice and opinion.  It was bang on with other notes I've been given and as such, Phil is someone who knows what he's talking about.”


Kristi Barnett – New Zealand

"39 Days" optioned by Libertine Pictures, in development with Neil Cross

 (Luther, Mama, Day of The Triffids) as creative director

Finalist/Official Selection - Mile High Horror Festival 2013

SF - Screamfest Horror Festival 2013; SF - Shriekfest Horror Film Festival 2013




“I knew from the first report I got from Phil that he's a professional at the top of his game. What I appreciated most about his notes was his attention to detail and the constructive nature of his comments, which means you leave each report knowing how to approach your next draft and even how to approach your next project as a writer.”



Corrigan FoleySheffield, UK

“The Cleaners” (Screen Yorkshire Triangle Scheme 2013) optioned by WingBeat Pictures

“Kinesis” optioned by Starfront Pictures




“Phil Clarke is an incredibly down to earth, straight talking script consultant. I have used other script doctors in the past and very few are such good value whilst at the same time being supportive and respectful of your creative endeavour. Phil is the script doctor I would recommend to my fellow aspiring writers before all others.”


Sayde Scarlett – London, UK

Screenwriter & Comedienne

"Clouds & Earth"




“Phil is an insightful yet practical script consultant. He gets to the heart of what works and doesn’t work about a story, providing feedback that contains real solutions for making the script more powerful.”


Melanie Henderson – Los Angeles, USA

"Jane 471"



“After various rejections accompanied by vague emails, I'd reached something of an impasse and decided to go in a different direction by getting some proper feedback.


“Phil's Analysis service far and away exceeded my expectations, providing a wealth of comprehensive, constructive feedback, which has offered me a unique insight into my own writing.


“There's now plenty to get my teeth stuck into and this has given me a renewed drive to continue improving my writing as I chase some success within the industry. It's been worth every penny and I know exactly where I'll be going when I'm after some more feedback in future.”


Cory VarneyEast Anglia, UK



“I used Phil’s services whilst doing my MA in Screenwriting and found his feedback invaluable.  I shall be using his Analysis service in spring for my latest spec script. 

 I would recommend him.”

Rita Wheeler – Surrey, UK

MA in Screenwriting, Bournemouth University

"Love Is All Around" optioned by Triton Entertainment, Canada

“Freeze Frame” optioned & made by 235 Studios in Oregon, USA

"When Summer Comes" optioned & made by Monalisa Dasgupta, California, USA


“If you’re considering a career as a screenwriter in the film industry, then you need look no further than Phil Clarke. He is that rare combination of script analyst, consultant, and mentor, who continually provides the invaluable one-to-one assistance writers need.

His first-hand knowledge of how the film industry works, as well as what makes a great script, has had an extremely positive effect on my writing, and has better prepared me to become a successful working screenwriter. From my personal experience working with Phil Clarke, I could not have asked for a better mentor to guide me toward a successful career as a screenwriter. 

Fred BluhmTexas, USA

Photojournalist, Screenwriter & former US network professional

"Home Before Morning", "Better Days Than These", "In The Light"



I am highly impressed with Phil's Snap Read service. His report has a thoroughness I wasn't expecting, and his SCORECARD provides a handy snapshot of where different areas of my script can be elevated. He is insightful and honest with his analysis, and generous with advice. Phil is a total professional who shows a genuine interest in helping to bring out the best in a script.

Natalie Lancaster  Manchester, UK

"The Last Princess" - "Cold Storage"


When tackling your first screenplay, no matter the amount of available resources, it is a daunting task. Phil's services, from the most basic to the highest end, offer real world feedback specific to your story line that you won't find in a book. His attention to detail, suggestions and questions are designed to help steer you towards uncovering your best story. Not only am I working on a story I feel passionate about, but I feel I have a trusted mentor for my film-making future!

Michelle Simpson  Florida, USA

Screenwriter & novelist



Phil did a tremendous job analyzing my first screenplay. He is extremely thorough
and knowledgeable. His communication and responsiveness are second to none, and he knows his craft.
Phil went above and beyond what he promised to deliver, and I was blown away by how much time, energy, and effort he spent on providing valuable feedback for my project.


If he has a waiting list, then wait. Some things in life are worth waiting for and
Phil is one of them; his services are worth at least ten times what he charges. I would
definitely work with him again and highly recommend him. Read all of the testimonials and you will see a consistent thread: Phil is truly a rare find and you will be working with one of the best!!

Janice L. WalkerCincinnati, Ohio, USA


"The First Time For Penny"


“Phil offered us a refreshingly honest approach in his feedback which has allowed us to unlock new depth to our characters and narrative that we hadn't considered before. He outlays his thoughts concisely and leaves you under no illusion as to what steps you need to take to improve. He even took the time to go beyond simply saying that something didn't work by offering alternatives as well. 


“The world of scriptwriting can be overwhelming and the thought of rewriting even more so. But with Phil's guidance and help, it has made the prospect not only necessary but fun as well. As first time writers, the sheer amount of consultants out there offering their expertise in exchange for vast amounts of money can be off-putting but do not fear - is a diamond hidden in the rough and Phil will continue to be our first port of call for as long as we continue on our journey in the world of screenwriting.” 


Nick Deal and Jakob Lewis BarnesSheffield, UK





“I approached Phil after he sent encouraging words on social media during my MA Creative Writing dissertation. His in-depth analysis really helped me fine-tune my screenwriting. Phil provided me with more concise feedback than I received through my whole master’s degree, which will not only help me to improve my screenplay, but will also improve my future projects. I can't recommend Phil enough if you are serious about improving your writing.”


Michaela HunterFalkirk, Scotland

“Cursed Earth”



I used Phil's Mid Shot service and would do so again. He was a pleasure to deal with and got it back to me ahead of schedule. The analysis provided a lot of clarity regarding larger issues like character and theme. He balanced precise criticism with words of encouragement. I also appreciated the forensic attention to detail with spelling and grammar. I'd highly recommend.”


Helen JohnsonDublin, Ireland

"Sandymount Murders" pilot


Putting your script up on the coverage chopping block can be intimidating. 
Thankfully, Philmscribe takes that fear right out of the way. Even a Snap Read provides careful, thoughtful, and extremely insightful feedback on issues you haven't been able to see in your script.


His suggestions are always clear, which makes it easier to go back and address those issues. His feedback inspires, never discourages. I walked away feeling confident and now look forward to the next rewrite. And that was just the Snap Read!

I've had feedback from contests, but it was not as thorough as Philmscribe's.
It's difficult to find someone you can trust with your script. I am so thrilled I have found such a trustworthy home for mine.

Persephone Vandegrift Montana, USA


"The Water King"





Phil was efficient, professional and gave specific and constructive feedback on my script which I've found extremely helpful. I was given a clear sense of direction and couldn't wait to get started on the rewrite. Phil is clearly passionate about his work and very experienced, I felt my story was in very safe hands.


Kate Pinato Essex, UK

Journalist, Social Media Manager & Screenwriter

"Crackpots", "Taking Hold", "Gaining Glory"

"Hey! Presto", "Dragon Tales"


“With English being my second language, it's even more difficult to break into Hollywood. But Philmscribe's services have helped me with this. I have also been really impressed with his analyses of my scripts, one of which has gone on to win a competition. Philmscribe has real experience when it comes to screenwriting. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”


Dumitru UrsuNorthampton, UK


“Photo Man” - Best Screenplay, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, 2020


Phil has a great talent, a natural feeling for words that you can't really learn at school. He questions everything – a perfectionist in all ways. And this helped me so much with the content of my books and audiobooks.


Alexandra PichlerDornbirn, Austria

Coach & Author

"Mindsetting Books for Children"

"Fridolin" book series



“Phil offers very reasonable prices, with the Snap Read providing more pages than I expected.  Comments have given me some new ideas to develop the script and highlighted some key areas where I need to improve. Would certainly recommend Phil.”

Russell Nelson – Newcastle, UK

“The Fundraiser” - SF, Reel Writers 2014; SF, Marquee Lights 2014 & Hot 100 Capital Fund

QF, WeScreenplay


“I highly recommend the Snap Read service before you submit your screenplay anywhere. This is the real deal. The detail and quality of feedback was far greater than I expected and has helped tremendously on getting my screenplay ready to send out to producers.

“Even if you have a manager or agent, I would still advocate you add this guy to your team. The focus of his feedback will help your script by leaps and bounds.  I will be utilizing his services in the future and will stay in touch throughout my writing career.”

Michael DoddSeattle, USA



“Phil Clarke provided insightful feedback on my screenplay and helped me bring the script to the next level. He is able to see the big picture while maintaining his focus on the details, so that his feedback works to make sure the screenplay hits its emotional character beats while maintaining an engaging pace. I certainly look forward to future feedback from Phil and highly recommend him as a script consultant.”

Justin Sloan – San Francisco, USA

Optioned screenwriter of "Found on Fuji" 


“I’ve used Phil’s ‘Snap Read’ service for a number of scripts. He packs in a lot of story analysis in this basic service and his screenplay formatting comments are extremely useful. Phil’s friendly and knowledgeable script consulting offers a valuable insight into further drafts and the craft of screenwriting.  If you're prepared to put in the work, Philmscribe's script notes will elevate your screenwriting to the next level.”

Katherine King – UK


"Night of the Vampires"  "The Blood Between Us"
"No One Lives Here"


“Phil performed a Snap Read on my script that helped enormously and made me review the overall idea and each individual part in a different and more interesting way. His feedback was so good that it was able to encourage me, yet be honest enough to tell me which things were not working and what it was about them that I needed to develop. Worth every penny and I will definitely work with him on my second draft.”

Barbie KellyBrighton, UK


"I Want To Be Pretty"


I can highly recommend Phil. He gives constructive and honest feedback. After his comments on my pilot I feel I am able to make it much stronger. Very happy and will definitely use his services again.


Rachael HowardCumbria, UK

"The Gate"


This was the second time I've used Philmscribe. Once again it was money well spent as I received a thorough examination of an early draft - exactly what I needed.

It is always great to have another pair of eyes read the script, especially eyes that are perceptive and helpful in what works/doesn't work. And this has provided me with many areas to focus on during the next draft. Thanks Phil!


Ashley WaltonRetford, Notts, UK

"Not If You Were The Last Man" - "Manes"


“I strongly recommend Philmscribe's One Sheet service. His honest and frank views opened my eyes to problems in my script I would never have spotted. I now have a clear view on how to move forward and will be coming back to Phil for more help.”


Kenny O'Connell – Liverpool, UK

Musician/Song & Script Writer

'I'll Be Waiting' featured in "Murder Story" starring Christopher Lee

“Part Vampire”"Hoodie and the High Rip Gang""Civvy Street"


It's not enough to have a story, characters and dialogue, to show, not tell, to 'hit the beats' or even to make readers eagerly turn 120 pages. A writer still needs a detail-oriented analyst who sees every visible flaw and every intangible omission. His comprehensive reports prove he really cares about making you a better writer. Anyone would benefit from the consulting services Phil Clarke offers, at a level of professionalism not available anywhere else.


Frances ForteBoston, USA



“As someone new to writing, I had been looking for someone to review my feature length script independently, as I had recently received a scathing report from the film board. And as it formed part of an independent project which already had lead cast and a director attached, I sought advice from someone who had industry experience of working on large commercially successful productions. I was also seeking a consultant who could offer objective advice about the script regardless of their own personal tastes.

“Phil Clarke's personal 'Snap Read' service was very professional and also greatly appreciated, because it allowed me to review my script with objectivity and direct my efforts towards making overall improvements to the script's tone and structure without having to sacrifice its originality.”

Topher NevilleMayo, Ireland

Independent Filmmaker - "I Love London"

Associate Producer/Co-Writer - "Let The Shows Begin"


“When asked to write an honest recommendation of Phil's services, I realised it wasn't as simple as praising his abilities as a script doctor. He's helped me to understand what type of writer I am. 

“Whether he knows it or not, Phil's invaluable feedback has given me confidence in my writing abilities, and a drive to continue on my script-writing journey. This has also translated to the novel I've been writing for some time.


With constant correspondence, I have come to believe equally in his praise and suggestions on improvement as a genuine truth. To me, he is my mentor and my bullshit meter who writes in-depth analysis helping me to look at my script through fresh eyes seeing new possibilities. He's genuinely interested in what I'm doing, and constantly checks in with where my writing is at between consultations. He has kept me accountable for the one job I hate doing: editing.


Simply put, Phil is the best of the best. He's my go-to person for real feedback and professional insight into the film industry, helping me walk through many doors I wouldn't have otherwise been able to.  I'm looking forward to utilising his talents on many other scripts in the future.”


Sarah Rose – Australia

Actress & screenwriter

"Hidden Melodies"




Phil’s Snap Reads on two of my scripts proved to be an unexpected surprise; his involvement felt more like a writing partner’s helping hand than a typical script consultant service.


His analyses on both scripts were sincere, thorough and precise; his overall tone and approach honest, friendly and dedicated. He commends you on your writing strengths without blowing smoke. He highlights your flaws and provides clear and solid improvements that need to be made to achieve your goals.


If you wish to enhance your craft and grow as a writer, put your trust in Phil. He’ll help you the way he knows best: giving you honest and in-depth assistance.


Pag KravvasLondon, UK


"A Beast In Heaven"  "A Good Way To A Private Hell"


“I would recommend Phil’s consulting services to anyone hoping to advance their project to the next level. His experiences are admirable, his insights are keen and his follow up and recommendations are always received in a timely and professional manner.


“Bottom line: If you are at an uncertain place with your project and you just need that extra positive and constructive nudge in the right direction, do not hesitate and bring Philmscribe on board to make things tight.”


Ray Dainton – Chicago, USA

actor & screenwriter

"In The Paint" well-reviewed on TriggerStreet




Phil offers a super script consultancy service. It's thorough and efficient and the attention to detail  right down to typos  is very reassuring.  It's never easy to hear criticism but Phil is always constructive and suggests ideas in a productive manner. And it's worked for me! Thank you. Now I just need to get this next script written!


Farrah BoutierLondon, UK

US Attorney & Writer

"Highborn", "Pogerolla"




“I’ve worked with Phil on two occasions. He´s a joy to work with, he´s fast, efficient and accurate  a real pro! I highly recommend working with him.”


Maria Östlund – Stockholm, Sweden

"The Switch" & "Break of Day" in development




Phil Clarke is an extremely confident and talented individual who takes great pride and care to deliver a host of analysis and feedback reports to upcoming writers. His script consulting is one  if not the best  I've come across. Phil offers a splendid service that's very affordable to new writers trying to hone and learn their craft.


“I have received plenty of feedback from Phil in the last twelve months and it's been nothing short of sensational. It's awe-inspiring to read and have never needed to go to another script consultant as I trust him as someone who can help me become a writer to eventually breakthrough into the TV industry.


What makes me go back to Phil is not only his consulting but his general demeanour as a gentleman and a top friend to have a chat with. I truly believe he'll have a great record in the future of upcoming writers breaking into the film and TV industry.


So if you ever fancy a chance at writing something based on a idea that's been lurking for many a year, transform it into a screenplay and contact Phil. I've never looked back and I'm so proud to call him not only a consultant but a man that I can trust with my work. His services have made me a better writer than I ever thought I could be. 


Ryan Bridgewood – Essex, UK

"The Day of Peer Pressure" (short) produced, shown at Southend Film Festival

"Brothers of Namef" TV series in works




Phil Clarke has been an inspiration since the beginning of my screenwriting journey. 

Not only is Phil supportive, eager to assist and easy to talk to, but he has shown me time and time again that he is willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him as a script consultant for all of his clients.  He's more than a consultant, he's a friend.  Personally, I refer to him as Script Dr. Phil because he has all the right answers!


Jessie Dyck – Alberta, Canada

"Mr Price"



Being a newbie to the game, I asked Phil for the Snap Read so that I could gauge if I was heading in the right direction or not. His response was both constructive and honest and sadly agreed with my inner critic. Obviously, I was hoping for a "You're a genius", but c'est la vie. The report also showed that an aspect I had been weak at and working on, was far stronger now, which was encouraging in itself. In summary: good value, thoughtfully written and insightful. Would highly recommend.


Wendy JonesHerefordshire, UK

"Ripples in the Pond"


While searching Twitter for someone who could help me in my burgeoning screenwriting career, I came across Phil who kindly said he'd read my latest draft of "Necessary Evil".  After talking to him, I soon discovered that he'd worked on several feature films and quickly realised that this was a guy who knew what he was doing.


“He came back to me with some great notes on the structure and pacing of my script, particularly the ending which I knew wasn't quite there yet and he gave me a lot of food for thought. It's always helpful to have another pair of eyes on your script and I can't recommend Phil highly enough.”


David L. Stokes – Wigan, UK

"Necessary Evil" optioned by Zed Filmworks, production due 2015




“Philmscribe is my first stop whenever I complete a script. You will trust his professionalism and appreciate his honesty. Don't bother spending an outrageous amount of money on coverage by an amateur or someone who isn't in the business. Philmscribe offers an amazing service for a more amazing price.”

Ryan Snelling – Kentucky, USA

 writer of "The Howling Dark" & host of podcast



“After purchasing the Snap Read I was thrilled to get such a comprehensive analysis of my script with over ten pages of notes, covering everything from dialogue and scene descriptions to a detailed analysis of each character. Phil highlighted all the strengths and weaknesses and gave me advice on how to tighten up and improve crucial elements, which has been extremely valuable in helping me to further develop my script and take it to the next level.”


Andrew GilbertBedfordshire, UK

Writer – Producer – Director

"Fly Trap"


Phil Clarke’s insight is exactly what I needed to take the next steps in my script’s evolution. If he were a tool he would be a telescope, spotting the problems on the horizon, and a microscope, able to examine the detail. His analysis is surgical in its precision in adhering to storytelling principles, but has the passion and zeal that understands the  creative desire to defy the rules. He knows when breaking the rules works and when it doesn’t.


A script analysis from Philmscribe helped my script go from no interest to having now been read by an Academy® nominated screenwriter and Producer and garnered interest by a major broadcaster.


John NikolakopoulosSydney, Australia

"Best of Men" (interest from ABC-Australia as TV series) 




I'll always be grateful to you Phil for the feedback you gave on my original screenplay, "Secret Elizabeth."  The detail and professionalism you used in providing me with invaluable advice on how to make my script the best it can be was clear, honest and reflective of the thorough understanding you have about just what kind of quality is required for any script to be completed and presented at the highest level.


Adam C. FiskAlberta, Canada

"Secret Elizabeth" Top 20 of 2001 New Century Writer Awards competition

Submitted script for Universal’s Emerging Writers Fellowship





“When Phil finished looking at my script, it became pretty clear what I needed to take out, what I should put in, and it made the script more crisp in terms of the read.  He did a bang up job. 


“Frankly, if I hadn't have sent him the script, I don't think it would have made it this far.  For that, I am always indebted to Philmscribe. When I get done writing my latest script, I will certainly forward it to him as he’s become my go to guy.  He is my SCRIPT WHISPERER, you could say!”


Richard Gustason – Colorado, USA

Comedian & writer of "Holy Ultimatum" 




“I got to a point in my script where I couldn’t see what was and wasn't working any more, and it was driving me bonkers. Phil gave me a mammoth-sized 60-page report detailing exactly what was working, what needed work, and what needed cutting out completely.


“Without Phil’s constructive criticism, his knowledge and his honesty, my script wouldn’t be where it is now: in a much better place than it was before he got his hands on it. I’d recommend Phil to any screenwriter, regardless of level. You’ll be glad you did, and it won’t cost you the earth.”


Daley FrancisLoughborough, UK

"The Night Force"



Phil's Analysis Service is a detailed report on absolutely all components of your script.

From grammar to character description, from formatting to why the ending works or does not work. It not only made things clearer regarding my script, but gave me elements to improve my writing. Just like a screenwriting class would do.


Delia MazzocchiZurich, Switzerland

Writer. Translator.

"Thirst for Justice" - Nominee, Zurich Film Festival 2016
"Who’s Stronger?""Christmas Gift"


“Exceptional service at a fantastic price! I hired Phil for his A&A service and to be completely honest I was surprised by everything. He works fast, so the screenplay came back quickly. The annotation part of the service immediately put my mind at ease, reassuring me that he’d undoubtedly read every page and not just gave it the five-and-dime treatment. The feedback report was also detailed and in-depth.

“As a new screenwriter working on my first screenplay, his A&A service has proven invaluable. I have learnt a lot from it and I now have the tools to progress my writing and give my career the best start possible.

“For me, one of the best things about Phil is that he always gives you the time you need, through his services and answering all my questions. I could not recommend him highly enough, he’s my go-to-guy from now on, and the first and only name I would recommend.”

Charlotte BrowneSwansea, UK
Author and Screenwriter

“The Prince of Algeisha: Flight of the Prince”


After I finished my first screenplay, which I had written in a foreign language, I was looking for a native speaker to proofread and to make sure, it doesn't sound odd to a reader. I was also seeking for a professional writer with profound knowledge of the movie business to give me feedback on plot, character development and so on.


I ran into Phil on Twitter. Call it intuition, sixth sense - I knew I could trust Phil from the start. He performed his ANALYSIS service for me and turned in 45 pages of feedback. I was like - WOW! It was way more than I expected and to this extent almost priceless. Looking forward to having him perform another service for me. Phil is 100 %. Trust me!


Valentin Wuebben – Bonn, Germany

"Dead End"




You were absolutely fantastic with every facet of editing my script. Being a new writer with not so tough a hide for critique, your consulting provided a fresh perspective without discouraging me. You went above and beyond with regards to answering any questions I might have with any of the edits you provided. All in all it was an experience that made me a better writer and I am very grateful to have found you.

Whitney SimonsenYorkton, Canada

"Fault Lies"



Having met Phil via social media, I soon found out that he is truly at the top of his game with his thorough, thoughtful, in-depth feedback. He understands story, understands the industry, and knows what it takes to write an 'industry ready' script.


His analysis not only made my script much stronger, but also helped me to improve my skill set as a writer. I got much more bang for my buck than other 'industry pros' I have previously scouted. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Scott Edwards – Stourbridge, UK

"Safe and Sound"


As an aspiring screenwriter working on my third script, I was searching for a script consultant  who would provide me with more than the usual generic feedback or numerical grades. I contacted Phil Clarke and it was the best decision I could have made. Phil’s in-depth analysis blew me away. His honest and constructive feedback not only improved my script but has made me a better screenwriter.  If you’re looking for a superbly thorough and affordable script analysis, contact Phil.


Joshua Lippert – USA

"Redemption City"




“Mad value for your money when you go to Philmscribe!
Feedback is concise and neatly divided into the crucial areas so that you will have such a stronger understanding of where your issues and your strengths lie. Responses with such incredible attention to detail that, trust me, if you’re doing something wrong, Philmscribe will see it. I don’t think I ever want to tackle a next draft again until Philmscribe has had his say.”


Rebecca Jean-CarrollLondon, UK


"The Family Way"


“Phil helped out a newbie screenwriter like me with really good pointers and direction. His advice was golden and I'll take his notes with me on my screenwriting journey from now on!”


Tobias Svenlöv – Gothenburg, Sweden

"The Dark Memories"



I have worked with Phil for many years now and have always found he excelled in both his writing and editing, taking great pride to make sure he gives you the best possible service. You can rest assured you are in capable hands.


Vivian FosterEast Sussex, UK

Writer, Editor & Book Designer –




Phil's feedback was spot on the money, and helped me understand what I didn't like about the script  sometimes you just get too close to see it yourself. The script received several other pieces of industry feedback since then, and every point Phil made has been echoed by others. Therefore I'd definitely consider Phil for script analysis.


Ben Spencer – Manchester, UK





Phil gets to the heart of your script and offers concrete ways to improve it in ways I couldn't have imagined before. His experience, wit and knowledge will be a tremendous asset to any project!


Michael Hager – Ventura, USA

"Red vs. Blue"




I am really really happy with the feedback you gave me. It was very informative and incredibly useful. It also highlighted issues which I know I should have picked up on but didn't (maybe due to being too close to it). Your services are definitely worth every penny and then some. You should charge more (although please don't).  I will certainly be coming back to you with the rewrite of "Dreams of a Life" and with my new idea, I'm very excited to see how it goes.


James HuttonDerbyshire, UK

"Dreams of a Life"




Phil's feedback came at a very early stage in the development of my very first feature length screenplay. Without his guidance I would almost certainly have continued up what was fast becoming a blind alley. He helped me change my story for the better and set me off on course for a project that was immeasurably important in the continuation and improvement of my career as a writer. Like most I learned more from my first feature than any project which came before, thanks to Phil one of the most important of those lessons was when to swallow your pride and ask for help.”


Steve Staff – Norfolk, UK

Media Production graduate & screenwriter/filmmaker

Earned BBC Writers Room placement

"Fences" featured at Freedom Film Festival




“I didn't think it was possible to get a useful coverage report until I went to Phil.  He didn't just tell me what wasn't working, he explained his opinion and made himself available to answer any questions I had – that's a priceless service because the truth hurts. Being able to talk to Phil helped me clarify what he was saying rather than placing my own emotional interpretation on his words.  His personalized service is worth every penny.”


Sarah WalkerCambridgeshire, UK

"Masquerade" & "Holly Blossums"

QF, Screenwriting Goldmine




Even though it was the basic read I had bought, he identified the weaknesses in my screenplay in an easy to read, succinct report. The summary of format and grammar errors at the end gave me a nice little ‘to do’ list for my future re-drafts.


The report was always constructive and positive and he was more than willing to discuss points afterwards – I couldn’t get back to work on it quick enough! His past experience speaks for itself and I would recommend this service to anybody who wants a second pair professional eyes on their screenplay.


Dan SunleyYorkshire, UK

"The Family Upstairs" - SF, Screenwriting Goldmine 2014




“After finally finishing my screenplay, I knew I needed a critique but I didn't know who to turn to. Phil contacted me via Twitter and offered me his services for a very reasonable price. His notes were great and very detailed (I knew he took the time to read each page). I then used his notes to write a final draft and submit it to two festivals. Thanks, Phil, for taking me to the next step.”


Nicole Conners – USA

"The Revelations of John" 

Honorable Mention - The London Film Awards 2014

3rd place Screenwriter of the Month - August 2015

Semi-Finalist - APM Short Script Competition 2015



Phil Clarke was kind enough to help me with my scripts, which are always in desperate need of a second look, since I started learning everything on my own and still have room to grow.”


Aleece Reynaga - Los Angeles, USA

"New Girl" TV spec script




Having submitted a cherished film script of mine, I can promise that what you get from Phil at Philmscribe is integrity.  He does what we ask of him  thoroughly.  He analyses the writing and highlights exactly what’s needed to make it saleable and watchable.  Sometimes this may mean an ego takes a buffeting, maybe the ego will be polished like Aunty’s silver candlesticks but, either way, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of the script from start to finish.


I really felt that Phil had taken the time and applied his expertise to the whole piece, not just skimmed over it and applied trite rules from a book.  Phil works with passion and integrity and that’s not a bad vehicle to help get you into film.


Chris Wright – London, UK

"Kids" shortlisted for the Northern Film School Short Competition 2015

"The Bewley Brothers"



“This man knows his craft. After sending in an unfinished script, still in its first draft, he professionally tore into it and returned its carcass to me with a ream of suggestions and alterations that, once acted on, turned a pumpkin into a platinum sedan.


Julian GoodMargate, UK

artist & screenwriter of "Geoff"




After writing my first script I thought it was sure to be a hit, but to be sure I needed a second opinion. Now I could take it to a family member and they'd say, "Great job. Keep it up, kid." Or any friend would tell me, "Yea, it's great. So are you still going to give me a ride, Saturday?" I soon realized I needed more than just an opinion. I needed an in-depth critique of my work.


After a little social media networking I ran into Phil. The critique I got from him was everything I wanted and more. Proper formatting and grammar aside, what a writer really wants to shine is the actually story. Phil was involved with the plot every step of the way. He gave me hints on how to better deliver the scenes.


His critique really guided me through my own script with a more open-minded point of view. This led me to come up with better ideas and a greatly improved script. I would highly recommend his services to any and all screenwriters.


Britt ReidGeorgia, USA




“I decided to have the 'One Sheet Service' which proved extremely helpful. Phil gave clear pointers and an overall score. I am very new to writing screenplays and was nervous about receiving harsh feedback. Phil was polite, kind and constructive. I would feel very comfortable going back to Phil for assistance with any future projects.”


Nicky Jane HeadHampshire, UK

“Honour & Obey”


“I recommend Phil's script consulting services to anyone serious about putting their best material out there. From just having one coverage service done with Phil, I've managed to get such a giant perspective of what is expected of me as a writer for me to succeed and am so glad that someone like him exists.


“His feedback not only helped me with one script but all of my scripts moving forward. This is a guy that really takes the time to tell you what works and what doesn't, detail by detail. I can confidently say I will be the best screenwriter I can be because of his script services.


“I recommend Phil to anyone wanting to bring the very best out of every detail in their script. This man (amazing guy, by the way) takes the time to connect to your work so you can understand how you can make it better. And he is very open to talk to you as well; he is not just about the work, he is also a human being that cares.”


Antonio Ingram – North Carolina, USA

"The Tale of Denzel & Isabella"



Philmscribe’s opinion about my unfinished screenplay helped me to understand details I was missing. For anyone eager for a future in screenwriting Phil’s consultation is a great first step. 


Lina Campos – São Paulo, Brazil

"Rachel’s Misadventures"




“Quick, accurate, cordial – all wonderful aspects of Phil's A1 service!”


Mario Leone – NY, USA

"The City of No Heroes" & "Apollyon"




“Phil puts a personal touch on his work and provides constructive insight. He assisted me in many ways and is excellent at following up, checking in from time to time to see how things are progressing.”


Matt Grimmett – Missouri, USA

"Collapse" rated 8+ on BlackList



Phil looked over one of my ideas for a script and suggested many changes that, after reviewing his recommendations, all seemed to make my work better. I have another upcoming script and will definitely use Phil as a consultant for this one. With his help, I am sure it will do well.


Daniel Doré – Montréal, Canada

"The Dreamer"




As a young and aspiring scriptwriter and filmmaker, I am proud to announce that Phil Clarke has been very helpful not only in editing and proofreading at least two of my screenplays but providing some very thorough and intricate advice in the form of a report on how to further enhance my work and also my craft.


Andre FarquharsonLondon, UK

"The Indestructible Hulk" & "RAW" (TV Pilot)



Phil's in-depth analysis is both honest and blunt. It may feel like a gut punch to read, but you can feel confident that he is guiding you toward success.


Joseph SimmelinkMason City, Iowa. USA

“Star Cruise”



Phil looked over my work and gave me constructive feedback that encouraged my idea in a direction I hadn't looked into myself. The development of the idea improved greatly once I had consulted him on it.


“Thanks to Philmscribe I have progressed further with my writing, using knowledge I need to create the best product I can. The help he has given me is not just helpful for my writing career but for my degree as well. I also know if I need advice or a second eye that I can speak to him.”


Gaby Ellis – Peak District, UK

"Rewritten", studying Film & TV at Salford University 




Phil is a man who is dedicated to the film industry and gives it a very good name. His thorough analysis is firmly on the pulse and promotes much enlightenment. As a writer, if you need a tune up to spark your brain and get you there, you're at the right address with Philmscribe. 


The time and effort he invests in analysis is both excellent and thorough, and in a way is priceless how it awakens new thoughts and creativity. Thank you very, very much.


Wilberdan George – Cologne, Germany

"Project: Our World Anew: Galaxies’ Choice"




I first came into contact with Phil via Stage32. I had just written a sixty-page short story that I planned to send out to various production companies in the hope it would get made and shown on TV.


“Phil very kindly agreed to take a look at my first draft script and offer his views and opinions on how the script and characters either could or should be changed in order to make it not only look more professional but also more desirable for any producers/directors that would be interested.


“Along with various notes written on the first draft script offering tips on what to change, add or remove, he also offered advice about local film festivals where independent producers/directors like to scout for new talent.


“Thanks to Phil’s invaluable advice, I have managed to make some adjustments to my original script. Now I find myself in the position of further story development on the script so that I get it just right.”


Martin KentBritish Columbia, Canada





There are many great aspects when it comes to Phil Clarke. However, the first word that comes to mind is "motivational"  especially to beginning writers. And knowing that I have Phil Clarke in my corner in case I have a question or need some advisement is an excellent confidence builder. With the credentials that he carries who wouldn't be inspired?


James Timothy PetersChicago, USA




I had the privileged to discuss some of my projects with Phil over the past year.  Phil is an excellent writer who is always there to lend a helping hand.  Phil openly accepted some of my writings to critique and gave me valuable feedback.  I was able to focus on stronger story lines and characters to give me a better chance of producing a viable, readable product.  If I had the resources, I would highly recommend having Phil on my writing team.


John MacNeilNova Scotia, Canada

"The Row" & "Space Graveyard"




Phil’s analysis was more than what I had anticipated. His eye for detail and the energy he put into my project felt more like a mentorship than a consultation. His feedback is sincere and reflective. The joy he has in supporting the writer and their professional progress is clear in the feedback he gives. Phil Clarke is a professional who truly enjoys his work and does it superbly well, making him a rare find.


I have saved myself months of needless rewriting and second guessing by going directly to Phil. I have been able to identify the strengths and weakness in my project as well as in my writing habits. I will be going to Phil for each new project and I am thrilled to have such a professional in my arsenal of support.


Jen BieserHeidelberg, Germany


“Dani Becker” - "Michael Wants To Marry"


“So many writers talk a big game and can't deliver, but Phil Clarke is the real deal.”

Sebastian Prooth – California, USA


 "Star Trek: The Continuing Mission" "Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny"



I am a screenwriter and recently sent some of my work to Phil to critique. He was readily accessible and responded very quickly. I was impressed with his insights and suggestions. I would definitely work with him again.


Dee Silverstein – Colorado, USA

author of "Primal Sympathy", screenwriter of "Just Imagine"




“Many thanks, Phil! You are really professional. You helped me a lot. I am very pleased with the result of your work. My screenplay became much better. I am ready to recommend you to everyone.”


Dmitry Zhmyrko – Stavropol, Russia

"Just A Criminal Story"



Although our encounter was brief, Phil was helpful in proof-reading my script assignment and providing useful feedback that earned me a good pass.

Sahar Pournazari – London, UK

"The Second Meet"



Phil's detailed notes helped me realize where I was going wrong in my coming-of-age story.


Julie Young – Arizona, USA





Your help allowed me to focus my idea and, although it ultimately led me down a different path, it was invaluable. Thank you.


Kate Murray – Wales, UK

Published author, blogger & illustrator

"The Phantom Horse anthology" & "The Truth"



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