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Philmscribe will round up The Usual Suspects

All of my reading services have been designed to help get your work where it needs to be: tight, entertaining and error-free.  


Each one has been developed and honed over many years to ensure they give you, the writer, real value.  You can rest assured that your script will be read in full (aside from First Five service, of course!) and will have my complete, undivided focus. 


However, if you feel you require something a little more bespoke then I am happy to tailor a service to meet your needs. 


If you're unsure what your require, I'm more than happy to give the script a quick look to ascertain what service would best benefit you. 


TO ORDER: Click on the "Order Now" button. It will take you to my Contact page. Send me a message and I will calculate the total cost in your currency. All payments are via Paypal.


the PHILMSCRIBE 1st 5 logo with border 2

This service focuses on your script's most important pages: the first five.  No reader is duty-bound to love your story, so it's up to you to engage them and engage them early. And overworked execs don't have time to persevere with your story to see if it picks up later on; they need to know the quality of the script and its writer straightaway.

Using my ST★RCARD system, I rate 10 key aspects pertinent to the opening of your story and script and provide brief notes on each to help you ensure your first five pages are working hard for your story.  Click on the above link to see a sample of this service. If you feel you'd benefit from this focused feedback, then contact me with your logline and let's make a start on your start.

                                                                                                                                       £UKP 25.00(approx. $USD 30.00*)

 the ONE SHEET service  

This is my one page once-over. A quick and concise look at your TV script or screenplay that features my unique Scorecard system covering ten essential story and script elements with brief notes on each. 

Click on the above pdf link to see what the One Sheet and the all-new Scorecard system looks like.  This service is ideal for writers who would like a quick review of their work without the cost that more in-depth analysis brings.
£UKP 50.00(approx. $USD 62.00*) 
(for TV & feature scripts up to 120 pages only)

the SNAP READ service

This is my most popular critique. It's for those writers who require only some brief feedback on how their screenplay fares. 

It's ideal both for writers seeking an affordable evaluation on an early draft and those preparing to submit a well-revised script to an agent, production company or script competition and want one final check. Purely a general overview of the work, a typical Snap Read report covers premise, character development, structure, dialogue, action, formatting and grammar in no fewer than 5 pages. It also includes the Scorecard system.
 £UKP 80.00(approx. $USD 100.00*) 
(for TV & feature scripts up to 120 pages only)

the ANNOTATION service

To those who've worked with me before, this is also known as my A Game and involves a thorough annotation of your script in PDF format, highlighting typos, grammatical and formatting concerns along with the odd story and character-based comment that I feel need to be made.

This service focuses primarily on the cosmetic concerns - layout and language - so if you are a writer who feels you need help with the formatting side of screenwriting or struggle with spelling and grammar, then this is likely to be a beneficial choice. It's also ideal for writers who like a more visual approach to analysis.


This full annotation guarantees the client that his or her work has been read in its entirety and hasn't been given the "five–and–dime" treatment. This is the dismal practice whereby many Hollywood script readers & consultants – bombarded with so many screenplays – read only the first five and last ten pages before making a judgement. You can be sure with my Sticky Note annotations that this does not happen.  


 Starting from £UKP 200.00(approx. $USD 245.00*) 

(for TV & feature scripts up to 120 pages only)

the ANALYSIS service

This is a uniquely thorough feedback service. Rather than merely providing Hollywood-style coverage – a report designed more for the executive than the writer – I don't pad out the report with a storyline breakdown but get right to the salient points, the issues, focusing on the perceived areas of concern. 

Each report breaks down formatting, dialogue and description followed by an Areas of Concern section where I go into detail about issues specific to your draft. These may be character development complications, story structure problems, poor pacing, troubles with tone and theme, clarity concerns - there are a myriad potential pitfalls - but you can rest assured that whatever is found, you'll receive a comprehensive examination. On average, this deep analysis runs to between 25-35 pages. It also includes the Scorecard system.


 £UKP 200.00(approx. $USD 245.00*) 

(for all TV & feature scripts up to 120 pages only)

the A&A service

A&A stands for Annotation & Analysis and is simply the two above services combined. That's a full, detail-rich annotation of your screenplay complete with Sticky Notes together with a uniquely thorough feedback report – the best of both worlds. 

This ultimate stress test of your screenplay costs £UKP 360.00* (approx. $USD 445.00*for all TV and feature scripts up to 120 pages 

* Please note: these prices do not include any potential add-on fees charged by Paypal.   But worry not, I will calculate these for you, if applicable. All costs in US dollars are approximate as will depend on the fluctuations of the exchange rate at the time of booking.



Script over 120 pages? 


Be aware this may severely hamper your chances of success. If an agent or production exec finds FADE OUT on page 121 or above, it will be a clear black mark against you. Most feature scripts these days fall between the 90-110 page count. That said, if you still wish for me to read your 120+ page script, please add an additional charge of £UKP 2.50  ($USD 3.50per additional page. 



Chosen a service? Great!  Just get in touch with me to confirm via the CONTACT page and we'll sort out payment and schedule and get your script where it needs to be.


If you need your script polished or proofread, rewritten or reformatted, then check out my range of writing services HERE.

Here's a list of some other services I offer. Do get in touch with me via my Contact Page to find out more.

  • the SYNOPSIS review

written a synopsis and need a professional opinion? let me at it!

  • the LOG-LINE review 

log-lines are essential for the writing and marketing of your screenplay. I can help you develop yours.

  • MENTORING service

If you want a helping hand as you make your journey from first to finished draft, then this is the service for you.


  • MANUSCRIPT editing

I don't just handle tales for the big & small screens; I also read manuscripts for novels, novellas and short stories. If you need an eagle-eyed editor, then I am your man. 



Let's not forget I'm also a writer. If you're a producer seeking an experienced scribe to write a first draft, adapt a client's novel or bring something fresh to an existing screenplay, then please do contact me at your convenience. 

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